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  • “You are a unique person and you have to be yourself. You can’t be anybody else; you can’t lead anybody else’s life. You have to be comfortable in your own skin and you have to be confident about who you are, whether you’re working at Twitter or running for office. And that is hard to do….and yet it’s all doable once you relax and decide, ‘You know what? This is no dress rehearsal. This is it for me. I want to be who I am.’ You be yourself. Easiest advice to say, hardest advice to follow.”


    Hillary Clinton, in response to a tweet from Amy Poehler (x).

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    The countdowns begin!

    Even though the sun is out, it’s still a dark day

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    Whoa this app is cooooool

More Facts on Psychofacts :) 
    After a night of yoga, intense core work, arm balances, head stands, hand stands and forearm stands, I finally get to chill with my little pizza face.
    Sleepiest pup

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